Does Distance Education in the Developing Context Need More Research? Building Practice into Theory (Volume 2)
Edited by Folake Ruth Aluko and Daniella Coetzee

This book focuses on distance education research, a dire need in the field, especially in Africa and other developing contexts. Distance education in this book has been used as an umbrella term for any form of education in which there is separation between the teacher and the learner, which necessitates the use of media. The authors from a range of African countries and international experts who have had a stint of their career in the developing contexts, borrowing from their wealth of experience, discuss research trends in distance education in their milieu, identifying the gaps and how this mode of delivery can be strengthened. By so doing, their passion for quality which has been a major area of concern in the field was brought to the fore. They have reiterated the fact that it is possible to enhance quality in this mode of delivery by not only conducting research but also applying its findings to theory, practice, and policy.

The content of the book has not been published elsewhere; it is the original work of the authors.This book will be of great value primarily to academics, researchers, and specialists in the field of distance education, especially considering the fact that the mode is no longer regarded as a second-best option.

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