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Dr Sixta Raphael Kilambo and Prof Katabaro Novatus Miti

About Tanzania’s Magufuli: Implementing the Promise to the Nation

This book brings together the efforts of Tanzania’s five presidents in tackling the issues of corruption, industrialization and government revenue collection. It highlights the role of development partners in Tanzania’s shifting political and economic development trajectory in the past 60 years of the country’s independence. It is an informative and interesting read for students, academics and policy analysts.

The election of Magufuli brought new hope to many Tanzanians, who hoped the country would revert to the times of Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere’s presidency. Both Nyerere and Magufuli had a good stance on responsible government, leadership, self-reliance and control of the country’s resources for the betterment of the people. This book provides a brief overview of the last six presidencies of Tanzania and provides an in-depth examination of the extent to which Magufuli fought corruption with the “naming and shaming” of government officials and kindled the spirit of serving the citizens of the country. He openly fought for foreign investors to give Tanzania a fare-share of the wealth and natural resources of the country, and personally followed through on the execution of several government projects.

The Authors

Dr Sixta Raphael Kilambo was born in Tanzania and is a lecturer in Economics at the University of Pretoria in South Africa. Her major interest has been in the role of government and leadership in setting and implementing appropriate policies and programmes for economic transformation and equitable development. She has focussed on the challenges of bringing about empowerment and participation of citizens in the extractive industries in African countries.
Professor Katabaro Novatus Miti was born in Tanzania and is a professor emeritus, in the Department of Political Sciences at the University of Pretoria. He is the author of several articles and books on the political economy of Africa in general and Tanzania in particular. He has an extensive understanding and experience of Tanzania’s politics and leadership and the attempts that the leaders of the last six regimes have made to transform Tanzania’s political and economic development.

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